What to Expect: Five Stages of Aging

two men at home laughing. By Monkey Business Images. The series “What to Expect When Your Parents Are Aging” begins with the stages of aging: foreknowledge better equips us for the road ahead.In her series, “What to Expect When Your Parents Are Aging,” Seniors Guide writer Terri L. Jones looks first at the stages of aging. After all, foreknowledge better equips us for the road ahead.

Until my 50s, my parents were relatively healthy and active, and so were my aunts and uncles. One of my grandmothers actually lived alone (with her cats) into her 90s.

However, as if overnight, the older generation of my family turned a devastating corner. My father was diagnosed with vascular dementia, and an aunt and uncle went to live in a nursing home, where they both lived out their days. My mother succumbed to her COPD. I was blindsided.

I don’t think I am the only one who wasn’t prepared for the dominos to fall for my family members – nor is my family the only one to be surprised. By knowing what to expect as your loved ones age – and understanding that others are going through the same challenges – you can better manage what’s ahead, practically and emotionally. You’re not alone on this stressful, yet important journey.

Part 1: The Stages of Aging

No two people age exactly the same. Some older people will experience a crisis situation and decline quickly, whereas others will age gradually and almost imperceptibly over many years. However, most people go through fairly predictable transitions as they get older. As a potential caregiver, it’s essential that you’re aware of the stages of aging. By knowing what may be ahead, you can be better prepared.

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This information provided courtesy of  Seniors guide By Terri L. Jones.